Summer Programs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child required to participate in Academic Talent Search in order to attend CBK Summer Programs?

No, students may apply through the portfolio process. Lots of kids access our program this way and do Talent Search later. Talent Search scores are good for 2 years of summer application. Returning summer students are not required to re-test unless aging up to a new program.

Are kids in classes all day long?

No - multiple activity periods are part of the socio-emotional emphasis in all three programs - as much as kids think hard, they play hard. Instructors do not assign extensive homework so that brains can reboot.

Who is in charge on campus? How will I know my child is safe?

Multiple measures are in place to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all participants. All staff are background checked and mandatory reporters, and Campus Safety is part of our team. A CBK administrative team of the Executive Director, Residential Director, and Associate Residential Director are on campus and ALWAYS on call during each program. Please review the Honor Code for more information on our student policies.

Will my child receive high school or college credit for participating?

Credit transfer cannot be guaranteed, although CBK encourages Luminary Project students to talk with their high school guidance counselors ahead of time to check into this possibility, as equivalency seat hours are met. Syllabi are available two weeks prior to the Luminary Project upon request.

What about the cell phone policy - I am nervous that my student is far from home?

Students are not allowed to have cell phones with them during the program. This policy is for safety and connection to the program. Students arriving by airplane are asked to bring a phone that can be checked in with staff upon arrival.

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