Summer Programs - Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships

CBK offers limited financial aid awards to applicants demonstrating significant economic need. This aid ranges from partial tuition to smaller awards. Awards are determined by committee using a scale based on financial need and family circumstances. It is also our recommendation that you seek out sources of support in your community. Please note that the average annual income of the last several years’ award groups was $32,000. To be considered, please complete the Financial Aid and Merit Scholarship Application, and include your 2016 IRS tax return form and W-2 forms, and Statement of Need detailing extenuating circumstances during the current year.

A limited number of competitive merit scholarships are also available. Awards typically range from $50 to $150. To be considered, please complete the Financial Aid and/or Merit Scholarship Application.


All award notifications will occur by April 21st. Additional expenses, such as the application fee and damage fees, lab fees, purchases on weekend trips, snacks, or other student choices are not covered by CBK. Financial Aid applications must still include the $50 Application Fee to be processed. CBK is able to set up payment plans upon request but all payments must be received before program start.

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