Mission and Vision

The CBK Logo

The logo for the Center for Bright Kids communicates our emphasis on community and energy. As we hope that our programs offer "a bright spot for bright kids," the logo embodies the movement, energy, and connections that CBK can offer, as well as the possibilities for moving forward and transcending layers or borders that often present obstacles to our bright students. We hope to bring kids together to learn, think, and live in an intellectual community that is safe, while still presenting the challenge, enthusiasm, and vigor that encourage kids to take their experiences with this community and apply them to the lifelong journey beyond CBK.

Elements of the CBK logo were submitted by Mr. Will McDonald of Park City, Utah, and Miss Lindsey Deringer of Fort Collins, Colorado, as part of a competitive submission process during our summer programs. Both students participated in the equivalent CBK GLOW program June, 2009, and we thank them for their creative insights into and visual expression of the goals of CBK.

CBK Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Bright Kids is to provide access and opportunities for K-12 students with high interest and/or high ability in quality enrichment and acceleration programming that encourage self-growth, social responsibility, and a positive view toward lifelong learning.

CBK Vision Statement

The vision of the Center for Bright Kids is to offer opportunities and experiences that enrich the whole child - intellectual, social, emotional, personal, and ethical.

We believe that it is essential to uphold an authentic commitment to reflect the broad diversity of our families, communities, and region within our programs and to engage community input in those efforts.

We will encourage imaginative thinking, a discovery of the world, a passion for thinking and playing, and a world view that emphasizes recognition of our role as members of a global community.

We promote student independence, confidence, empowerment and positive self-esteem through respectful, responsible, and accountable contributions in a community that is safe and responsive to the need for a sense of belonging.

a bright spot for bright kids