Western Academic Talent Search - Recognition Ceremonies

Students whose subtest scores by state by grade on the SAT, ACT, or PSAT 8/9 are in the top 25% of our entire seven-state region are invited to a very special recognition ceremony in their region to celebrate their accomplishment. Some students have further scored in the top 10%, and some are our top scorers in a particular subtest or test category - students are not recognized across multiple categories, but in the highest achievement only.

During the ceremony, WATS Honors Students in the top 25% of scorers will receive a medal, WATS Highest Honors Students in the top 10% of scorers will receive a different medal, and WATS Top Scorers will receive in addition to their recognition medal a certificate recognizing their top achievement. Recognition certificates will be mailed upon request for students who are unable to attend the ceremony. Medals cannot be mailed or picked up or distributed to anyone other than the honoree, and are awarded as a special component of the named student's participation in the Recognition Ceremony when that student crosses the stage.

If you are willing to travel and are not in a ceremony state, please contact us and fax in your score report (303-428-2638) no later than April 1 to be considered for another state ceremony. Most of the time, we can accommodate these requests, provided there is space at the ceremony. If you are coming from another state, please note that your student's data will be compared to students in the ceremony state - therefore, no "highest scorer" certificates (different from top 25% and top 10%) can be issued unless a student receives a perfect score and would have no competitors in their bracket.

This is a "graduation-style" event, and students are expected to dress accordingly. We appreciate your attention to ensuring that you have your admission ticket with you on the day of the ceremony for appropriate seating. As we are continually working to improve the ceremony, we will not be able to accommodate scheduling of other events for families on the day of the ceremony - we ask that you plan to attend the complete scheduled ceremony in respect for all participants and this special day. Students who do not attend will not receive a medal, as the medal is a ceremony component in recognition of the emphasis placed on attendance at this meaningful day - extraordinary circumstances may be considered by the Ceremony Review Committee by written request only. If you have any questions about the ceremony or awards, please contact the Western Academic Talent Search office at 303-428-2634 or cbk@centerforbrightkids.org.


Please read your invitation - all specifics, including locations, times, and dates, as well as directions and parking are printed on your invitation, as well as your qualification email and admission ticket email.


May 6th, 2017, at 11:00am by invitation only at University of Utah, Orson Spencer Hall, Salt Lake City, UT

Invitations emailed on or about April 17th: RSVP by April 22nd


May 13th, 2017, at 10:00am by invitation only at Colorado School of Mines, Green Center, Golden, CO with maximum of 3 guests in addition to each scholar

Invitations emailed on or about April 24th; RSVP by April 28th

Colorado Ceremony guests: this event is held at the Colorado School of Mines, NOT on Wadsworth Blvd in Arvada. Please remember, you must have RSVP'd and have an admission ticket in hand in order to attend. If your guest count changes, PLEASE release the seats for our waitlist.


May 20th, 2017, at 11:00am by invitation only at The Meadows School, Peccole Center for the Arts, Las Vegas, NV

Invitations emailed on or about May 1st: RSVP by May 6th

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