Western Academic Talent Search - Policies and Fees

  1. All WATS participants MUST register with WATS before registering with the test company, regardless of whether they are returning students. This is critical in ensuring that WATS receives test scores to allow students full program benefits. If a student learns of WATS late, we can accommodate participation in WATS after testing reports have been received. Please call regarding this unique scenario, and keep in mind scores will report on students' permanent records this way.
  2. SUBMIT your completed online WATS application (including valid eligibility) and make payment by the appropriate deadline. If your application has been submitted and you still have not made payment or provided correct eligibility, your application is NOT complete and a $40 late fee may still be assessed. Test site locations are selected from a drop-down menu by state - no code lookup is required.
  3. 2017-2018 Western Academic Talent Search Fees

    PSAT 8/9 $90
    ACT $100
    SAT $125
    ACT + PSAT 8/9 $140
    SAT + PSAT 8/9 $165
    SAT + ACT $175
    All 3 Tests (6th Graders) $215


  4. An admission ticket confirming the test date and location will be mailed to the student's home, sometimes as late as one week prior to the test. If you have not received a ticket two weeks before the test, CALL WATS. Sometimes this information is not sent until much closer to testing, so watch your email and mail for both a confirmation and an admission ticket.
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to review the test format, time limits, and sample questions, included in the preparation info links provided by the testing companies, but we do not encourage heavy practice - this IS a practice opportunity - practicing for practice is probably overkill.
  6. On the test day, the students must take the Talent Search Valid Identification Card (sent in your confirmation email that comes with admission tickets and is in lieu of needing photo ID) and admission ticket to the test site - 9th graders must have the matching photo ID to that submitted upon application.
  7. Test results are sent to both the student and the talent search office approximately 5-8 weeks after the test.
  8. In April, students receive access to the WATS Educational Resources Page and are emailed the WATS Interpretive Guide. Students who test before the end of February and achieve eligible SAT, ACT, or PSAT 8/9 scores will also be invited to the WATS state recognition ceremonies by email - testing after February means scores will NOT be reviewed for ceremony. If you change your address, update it with WATS so you don't miss this important information. Please provide adult personal emails only - we discourage using work emails, as CBK attachments tend to be sent to SPAM in workplaces - CBK cannot be held responsible for this action by your company.
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