Western Academic Talent Search - Regional Liasons

Regional liaisons and coordinators for the Western Academic Talent Search are critical to successful student participation. Many times, these people are the G/T, TaG, or GATE coordinators for your school or district, but often they are interested teachers, principals, or even parents who believe the talent search is an important program for their communities to be aware of.

If you are interested in joining this extensive group of much needed individuals, please contact our office. We can put you in contact with your local liaison, or help you begin the process of coordinating for your own community. We are happy to send you a packet of materials to get you started, coach you through the process, or set up a presentation in your community that you can attend and then become expert at delivering yourself.

For more detail, please see the WATS Coordinator's Guide.

Help us spread the word about this important opportunity so that families can decide if the national academic talent search program is a good fit for their kids.

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